Buying Vehicles of Every Kind

Buying Vehicles of Every Kind

How Haulage Companies Overcome Transportation Challenges

Avery Hawkins

Do you intend to move an oversized load? If you do, you have probably enlisted the services of a heavy haulage company. As a customer, you might be worried about the company's ability to move the load from its point of origin to its destination. The article below discusses some of the challenges that heavy haulage drivers face on the roads and how they overcome them. 

Night Driving

In some Australian states, oversized vehicles can only operate between sunset and sunrise. Therefore, haulage drivers will drive for long hours during the night. The secret to night driving is ample preparation. Typically, the company makes sure that your load is secured on the trailer a few hours before transport commences. Since they want to make use of every second, the company also conducts thorough assessments to ensure the truck does not have mechanical, electric or hydraulic issues. By law, a vehicle carrying an oversized load should have escort vehicles at the front and rear. These escort vehicles warn other road users of an unusual load. A few hours before transport, the company deploys a reconnaissance team to ensure that the roads are passable. This helps prevent issues once haulage begins. 

Heavy Traffic

Heavy haulage is an issue when passing through busy urban centres. There are two ways to deal with this problem. The haulage company could opt to avoid metropolitan areas. If this is not possible, the haulage company will liaise with local police departments. Typically, the police will temporarily divert traffic to ensure the truck does not cause traffic problems.  

Steep Slopes

Steep slopes can be a challenge for a truck that is hauling thousands of tonnes. In this case, the company comes up with creative ways to ensure the truck can easily descend or climb steep slopes. Ideally, the company tows the truck when climbing steep slopes and pulls it when descending. If the load is too heavy, the company will use a series of tow trucks to pull or push the truck. The mechanism prevents the driver from overworking the brakes, transmission, or engine. 


Heavy haulage drivers often have to work long hours to ensure your cargo arrives on time. However, fatigue could affect their driving ability and expose them to accidents. To avoid this, haulage companies ensure that the drivers work for limited hours. Besides, the convoy makes regular stops to ensure the crew has ample time to rest and refresh. In such a way, the drivers are always fresh. 

The underlying principle is that you should conduct due diligence before hiring a heavy haulage company. Examine the company's experience, accreditations, terms, and specialisation before hiring them. 


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