Buying Vehicles of Every Kind

Buying Vehicles of Every Kind

A Quick Guide to Understanding Various Types of Tyres

Avery Hawkins

The tyres on your car are very important, as they actually keep you safe when driving; poor-quality or worn tyres can result in skidding and sliding when you brake, and they may not offer much traction during wet or otherwise inclement weather. When you're ready to shop for tyres, you may see a wider variety of models than you realized were available; note a few differences between them so you can determine the best type for your car.

Wet weather

Wet weather tyres will have deeper tread than most tyres, and will also be made of a thin rubber that gets warmer, faster. The deeper tread will help to push away rainwater, and the warmer rubber will also help the tyre to push through water; the rubber can then more easily come into contact with the pavement, creating strong traction.

The warmth from the rubber of wet weather tyres can also more easily cut through snow and ice, which increases traction and safety. However, note that actual snow tyres are different than wet weather tyres, as snow tyres may have metal studs placed along various areas of the tyre tread. This helps to push through snow and reduce your risk of getting stuck; if you tend to drive in heavy snow, choose snow tyres and not just wet weather tyres.

Performance tyres

Performance tyres usually have a thinner tread than standard tyres, so there is less drag and resistance when you accelerate; actual racing tyres usually have no tread at all. This thin tread can make these tyres unsafe in wet weather or when driving on snow and ice but can increase your vehicle's acceleration when you hit the gas pedal. Thin tread also allows for high-speed driving without lowering your car's fuel efficiency or putting added wear on the engine.


All-terrain tyres are typically used for those who regularly drive in mud or sand, or who take their vehicle off-roading. There are a few reasons why all-terrain tyres are needed for such driving conditions, including a deeper tread that provides more traction. The thicker rubber of the tyres will help to absorb some of the shock of rough roads and may contribute to noise insulation, making your ride more comfortable. All-terrain tyres may also have denser rubber so that a tyre is less likely to puncture or shred when you drive over rough roads or gravel, or when you're off-roading and brush up against shrubbery and other such vegetation.

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