Buying Vehicles of Every Kind

Buying Vehicles of Every Kind

Three Things You Should Tell Machinery Transporters

Avery Hawkins

Are you planning to move heavy machinery from one jobsite to another? Read on and discover some important information that you should tell to the machinery transporters when you contact them for quotes.

Make and Model

The first piece of information that you should share with the machinery transporters that you would like to hire is information about the make, model, year of manufacture and type of engine in your machinery. This information is important because it will give the transporters a starting point as they conduct research about the weight and the dimensions of that machinery.

Tell them the approximate weight of your machinery if you know it. The transporters will then select the best transport vehicle to use once they know the details about the weight and dimensions of your machinery. They will now be equipped to generate an accurate quote for the job.

Aftermarket Alterations

It is also advisable for you to share information about any additions or alterations that you may have made to your heavy machinery after you bought it from the manufacturer. For example, you need to tell the transporters in case you modified any attachments in order to enable that equipment to reach a higher location at your facility. This information may be critical in helping the transporters to select the most appropriate routes to use during the transportation of that machinery so that overhead obstructions are avoided. The quote that you receive will reflect such factors.

Pick-Up or Drop-Off Points

Heavy machinery often calls for the use of additional equipment, such as ramps and cranes, to load or offload it from the transport vehicle. Such extra equipment requires space at the drop off or pick-up location. Revealing your preferred pick-up and drop-off locations can help the transporter to predict any potential challenges that they may face so that contingency plans can be made. Those contingency plans and the additional loading/offloading equipment often have an effect on the cost of transporting your heavy machinery.

As you can see, you need to share as much information as you can with the companies that you would like to hire to transport your heavy machinery. That detailed information will help them to give you an accurate quote so that you can plan your finances accordingly. Furthermore, detailed information helps the transporter to plan the transportation process thoroughly so that no harm comes to your machinery during its shipment to your site.


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