Buying Vehicles of Every Kind

Buying Vehicles of Every Kind

New Driver and New Car? Why You Should Pay Attention to These Important Servicing Tips

Avery Hawkins

When you're young, you simply cannot wait to pass your driving test and get your first car. You may scrape together all of your savings and do whatever you can to put down a deposit for a vehicle, even though it's a stretch for you. In this situation, the car is a very important commodity and it makes sense for you to look after it as much as possible. What are some simple, but important tips, to help you look after your new investment?

Listen to What They're Telling You

Young people can also be quite rebellious and may not easily follow recommendations or instructions. Therefore, when they see that automobile manufacturers "recommend" they take certain actions, they may turn a blind eye. However, in this case these are more than just suggestions, as they will help you to preserve the longevity of the vehicle. Always take it in for a service at or before the interval.

Treating Your System

You may think that petrol is just petrol, but this is not quite true. While you may know that engine oil protects moving parts, you may not know that the type of fuel that you put into the car can be critical, as well. Certainly, always put at least the manufacturer recommendation in your tank, but once a month why not buy premium octane instead? This type of fuel has added ingredients that can detoxify the fuel delivery system and may extend the life of fuel injectors, as well.

Specific Engine Lubrication

Don't be tempted to do the same thing when it comes to your lubrication, though. The engine in your car is precisely tuned to take the product recommended in the owner's manual. When you use this particular component, it will provide the necessary resistance to heat and corrosion. Higher viscosity or "thicker" oil won't help and in fact could hinder. Always ensure that you choose the right grade of oil.

Looking at the Transmission

Some people may tell you that automatic transmission and differential fluids are meant to last for a lifetime. You must still pay attention to the levels and periodically check to see that there are not too many contaminants caused by friction. If you have a manual transmission in your car, you may still be getting used to driving it. Therefore, a periodic lubricant change and overall inspection is important, while you cut your driving teeth!

Braking Safety

One other area should get your attention – brake fluid. This product works under very harsh conditions and is obviously crucial to your overall safety. Most engineers recommend that you replace this fluid at least once per year.

Make up for Lost Time

If it's been a little while since you were recommended to book your car in for a service, don't delay any longer.


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