Buying Vehicles of Every Kind

Buying Vehicles of Every Kind

Teaching Autistic People How to Drive: How Driver Instructor Training Will Prepare You

Avery Hawkins

Completing driving instructor training can provide you will develop the skills you need to embark upon an exciting new career where you can be your own boss making a full-time income or earn a little extra money working for an agency. Once you are qualified to teach people how to drive, you will encounter a broad range of different people who have different needs. One condition people you instruct may be living with is autism. Below is a guide which will detail how your driver instructor training will help you to offer driving instruction to a person with autism. 

Developing your sense of intuition

Your driving instructor training will encourage you to use your sense of intuition when working out the best way of communicating and training a person. People who are on the autism spectrum can vary a lot regarding how the condition will affect their ability to compute the information you are giving them. Your heightened sense of intuition will allow you to read autistic people so you can work out what level they are at and the best way forward.

Thinking on your feet

Once you have been teaching people how to drive a car for a while, you may find yourself using the same old methods of instruction as you explain different actions and manoeuvres. However, while these explanations and instructions may work on the general population, they may not be so successful when used with people who have autism. Individuals who are living with autism may find communication difficult, which can mean that they do not easily understand what is explained to them. Your driving instructor training will develop your capacity to think on your feet so that you can explain information in a creative and new way which can be understood by a person with autism.

Being patient  

It is very important to create a calm atmosphere in the car whenever you are providing instruction. However, this becomes paramount when teaching a person who has autism. Because an autistic person may struggle to understand or communicate during a driving lesson, it is vital that you exercise patience when dealing with them. Your driving instructor training will teach you how to remain calm and patient in any situation.

If you would like further information about how driver instructor training will prepare you for a new career teaching others to drive, contact a driving instructor school near you.


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