Buying Vehicles of Every Kind

Buying Vehicles of Every Kind

What to Consider When Buying a Side Tipper for Your Project

Avery Hawkins

The approach to production preferred by most manufacturers and industrialists today is lean production. This means they endeavour to optimise both their revenue as well as their costs. To achieve this, strategies such as faster delivery times and mechanisation are necessary. Buying a side tipper will go a long way into helping you mechanize the unloading process of your cargo and as such give you faster production cycle times.  The decision to buy a side tipper should be informed by several factors amongst them:

The Side Tipper Material The construction material of the side tipper is an important consideration because of the kind of work that it will be engaged in. A strongly built truck can withstand brute force, corrosion, and the weight of materials such as stones, ballasts and cementitious products. Reinforced steel is the best material for side tipper body construction because it can handle dense materials and resist the corrosive effects of moisture. However, for transporting light loads, you can opt for an aluminium side tipper.

The Tipper Capacity An ideal tipper should be able to reduce your cycle times while at the same time delivering the quantity of load you require. When looking at the capacity, you are simply analysing how much load you can carry without overstretching the limit of the tipper. You must strike a delicate balance between volume and weight in your choice of the tipper. For instance, if your project involves transportation of landscaping materials such as soil and sand, volume is a much more important consideration than weight. A truck to serve this purpose must have extensible sides so that it can accommodate your specific needs by allowing you to adjust the volume.

Unloading Options Before heading to the side tipper yard, you should write down all your emptying needs so that you can match with the right unloading option. There are two main types of side tippers in this categorisation: a bowl side tipper and a door side tipper. The bowl side tipper consists of a pivot which anchors the truck bed as the truck tips over to empty the contents. This works well where the tipper empties load while on elevated ground. The other alternative, a door side tipper, comprises a door which glides open to allow the truck to tip over and empty the load. This is ideal when unloading on flat grounds. Therefore, your choice of tipper depends more on the project at hand than your budget. Always strive to get a functional truck.

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