Buying Vehicles of Every Kind

Buying Vehicles of Every Kind

  • 5 Signs of Low Transmission Fluid

    Transmission fluid lubricates the various moving parts of a manual or automatic transmission to prevent excessive wear and tear. When the level of transmission fluid gets too low, your car can handle strangely, which can be dangerous. Look out for these five signs of low transmission fluid. 1. Problematic Gear Shifts Many people assume that trouble shifting gears is a problem that only manual drivers face. However, automatic transmissions can also experience trouble with gear shifts.

  • Three Things You Should Tell Machinery Transporters

    Are you planning to move heavy machinery from one jobsite to another? Read on and discover some important information that you should tell to the machinery transporters when you contact them for quotes. Make and Model The first piece of information that you should share with the machinery transporters that you would like to hire is information about the make, model, year of manufacture and type of engine in your machinery.

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Buying Vehicles of Every Kind

Hi! My name is Ken and this is my auto blog. I am super interested in vehicles of every kind. As a kid, I loved anything with wheels. Two wheels, four wheels, eight wheels. It was all great to me. I grew up hanging around my uncle's garage you see, so I learnt lots of cool things when people brought in their old autos and exchanged them for new ones. I am now 37 years old. Although I didn't enter the auto business myself, I still like to buy and sell the occasional car or truck using the tips and tricks I learnt as a child. Read on to find out more.